Construction Edge Protection Systems

Construction is the most advanced protection equipment in terms of Occupational Safety and Worker Health, Steel Transitional Edge Protection systems for collective protection, Elevator and Cavity protection barriers, Stair Barrier barriers, manufacturing solid compaction hoods and protection barriers.

The most mortal High Altitude fall work accidents happen during construction. Human Life is on top of everything. Steel protection products, which have been used for many years in the world for many years and are imperative, become mandatory in our country because it is the most reliable system.

Site workers are able to quickly and easily remove and install edge guard barriers, making it easier to work and load from outside by providing clearance from where it is needed.

At the beginning of excavation, area limiting barriers and protection, entry to the area, soft floor separation barriers, construction can be used on all hazardous areas, and is suitable for your work.

Steel Construction edge protection systems and other space and stair railings are also used in your subsequent construction and commitments if they are properly stocked after being used and disassembled.